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-- The Tale of the Gnome -- > -- The Tale of the Gnome --  |  Print  |  Email item to a friend
In yonder years, when folks on the farms in Denmark wore clogs and the kids did not go to school as they do now, there was a gnome or a pixie. When you saw him at a distance, you would think, it was a small boy with a red pixie hat, but up close he resembled more a little old man.
Now a day hardly anybody saw him, but folks knew he was there and that they had to kind to him, put out porridge in the evening and make kind remarks about him. Because if the gnome was well taken care of, all other folks on the farm was also well provided for. Now you know a little about gnomes this story can begin in times, when light in the sitting rooms was a kind of homemade wax candles and the farm folks saved on these by going to bed early. When the rooster crowed at 5 o'clock in the morning, the hard work started.
On a small farm with thatched roof and mud-built walls lived a family with small and grown-up kids. In the stables were cows and pigs, and the henhouse was filled with hens, chickens and one rooster. So the gnome had enough to do. Every night he watched over creatures great and small, he spoke the language of the animals and knew if they were all right. The ears of the gnome could pick up the slightest sound and one evening, when he made his round, in the dark as usual; he heard something rustle at the far end of the garden.
Was it the fox? If so, the henhouse needed protection and the fox's intentions diverted. The gnome waited – nothing happened for a long time. Quietly he crept forwards and was astounded to discover a red pixie hat behind a bush instead of the red tail of the fox! He hadn't seen any pixie hats or gnomes in several years, but under the pixie hat he saw a female gnome and she looked very frightened. The gnome knew very well how to talk to the animals and how to help the farm folks, but just now he didn't know what to say or do.
It was the lady gnome that broke the silence. "Hello or should I say good evening?” She smiled a little. "Pardon me, but do you know a farm near by, who is in need of a gnome?" And then rapidly she told him how she had lived in a manor with her parents, siblings and a lot of animals and farm folks. The time had come for her to show what she was made of. Could she get the farm folks to feel that she was there to help them? You must know that when gnomes are very happy, excited or furious, their pixie hats glow red. They are normally invisible or grey, when they o about their business quietly, but just now both pixie hats glowed faintly red, as they were very happy to talk to each other.
The gnome thought the lady gnome might be very clever at helping humans, animals and other gnomes. He could feel this. Maybe the best thing to do was to take care of her, so the fox didn't take her, if she went on in the dark. "Stay here until it is night again, then I will find out which way you should go."
But the next night the gnome still didn't know which way the lady gnome should take. He said, "stay here until it is night, then I will show you the way to your new home." When night fell both gnomes agreed, that she should not leave, but they should stay on the farm together and she could help him with work.
If they needed to move, they agreed to move together. They did move after a period of time, but that is quite a different story.

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